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Slate FOX QuadTone

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 Covering the range from classic “British Class A-style” vintage tone to ultra-clean modern sparkle, the Slate Pro Audio Fox 2-channel microphone preamplifier is one of the most versatile mic pres available. The way the Fox shapes tone is brilliant.

There are two completely independent microphone preamplifier circuits in each of the Fox’s channels. The Vintage circuit recreates the sound of the legendary 1073-style preamp – warm, fat, and full of lush harmonics. Conversely, the Modern setting gives you a sparkling clean sound to capture acoustic instruments in picture-perfect detail. What’s more, the Fox features two Combo modes, which combine the input and the output sections of both circuits, giving you a pair of completely unique preamp sounds..

Slate Pro Audio Fox Microphone Preamplifier Features at a Glance:2-channel microphone preamplifier4 distinct microphone preamplifier sounds in each channel2 independent preamp circuits in each channelClassic circuit provides 1073-style sound.Modern circuit provides ultra-clear sound
2 combo modes combine the input and output sections of each preamp circuit
Includes instrument inputs, phase controls, and phantom power
100% boutique analog. Made in California, USA

FOX Specs
* Dual Channel Mic Preamp
* Instrument Inputs, Phase, Phantom, Pad
* Four boutique circuit paths in each channel:
1. Vintage: 1073 Class A, Transformer In/Out
2. Modern: Ultra High Resolution, Transformer-less
3. Vintage Combo: Modern Input > Vintage Output
4. Modern Combo: Vintage Input > Modern Output

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