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2Tools Transport Interface

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Connects ProTools to an SSL E/G Computer. Locate from your console, or run SSL mixes from ProTools. Compatible with all ProTools versions to date: over 110 in use in 9 countries. Makes ProTools behave as a true tape machine to work with SSL E and G consoles, and provide traditional mixing and tracking sessions. Why not just slave ProTools? Working with ProTools as master saves time, and avoids word clock sync issues. Play is instant, with no waiting for lock. Why control from the Console? You can drive ProTools from wherever your work is focused. No waiting for SSL mix computer commands like 'Cycle Mix' etc. 2TOOLS™ takes parallel transport switch closures from mixing consoles and turns them into Transport control messages (via MIDI MACHINE CONTROL or RS422.) 2TOOLS™ translates transport information from systems such as PROTOOLS™ into tach, direction & lamp signals, for mixing consoles and their associated automation systems.


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