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Cartec Audio

CARTEC AUDIO LTD is a pro audio equipment manufacturer formed in London, England in 2009.

The main goal is to build audio products which are well featured and of the highest quality, but never hinder the creative recording process.

Each CARTEC AUDIO product is built, hand-wired and assembled ourselves in-house, from our discrete op-amps to our stepped attenuators. The build quality and the quality of every part used is something we won’t compromise on.

Most importantly, everything that Cartec Audio makes is tested in real situations, and must sound great in the studio. That’s where their R&D starts, with mic preamp, for example, underwent a long development process, constantly being tested and improved until it delivered the highest sound quality. This means that from the start, Cartec products are inspired by feedback from the most demanding people in the industry, and are designed to meet their needs.

By taking pride in hand-building every unit in England, and creating equipment with a unique sonic character, CARTEC AUDIO products are on the way to become a modern studio classic. 

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