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Great River

 Located on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River, Great River Electronics designs and builds hand crafted quality audio recording tools.  All products undergo extensive research, development, and fine-tuning to meet the needs of audio professionals.  Years of concurrent experience as an OEM manufacturer of industrial measurement and control systems for industries including passenger and freight elevators, semi-conductor manufacturing, and HVAC systems using only industrial grade components where safety, reliability, and quality control are critical, give the Great River design and build team an edge when building audio recording tools. Carefully designed analog signal paths, many with digital controls, are the foundation of Great River audio recording tool designs.
Using a wide range of classically proven circuit styles, Great river continues to present a product line of audio recording tools that deliver a diverse tonal spectrum and solid sonic performance.  Dual transformer based preamps, sweet sounding EQs, and a hybrid style summing system all make consistent and concrete contributions to any recording studio, at any point in the recording process from tracking to mastering.
As it has been said, experience is the best teacher.  Great River's experienced team strives to deliver world-class audio recording tools that, simply put, get the job done time after time with ease and elegance.

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