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High end studio equipment alone does not guarantee high quality recordings. One must make careful, informed decisions to achieve the complex palette of sounds captured in professional level recordings. 

And that is where VELVET SOUND can help. 

We not only sell some of the best high-end studio equipment currently available. As professional recording and mastering engineers we use the very same equipment in our own studios. We have also taken part in numerous comparison studies in order to fully understand the ‘essence’ of almost every piece of equipment that we sell. 

Additionally, as highly trained musicians, we never allow technology to eclipse art. We view equipment as the paint, canvas and other tools needed to capture artistic expression in the form of music. 

Based in Central Europe, we offer top quality sales advice and extremely helpful customer service, too. 

The key person behind Velvet Sound is Ivo Sedlacek - the owner of  Velvet Mastering and Savita Studio. 
 Ivo is a graduate of the Prague Academy of Music and is a renowned expert in the field of studio recording and equipment – authoring 20 albums of his own original music, as well as recording and mastering large number of works for others.
His contributions and comparison tests on professional audio forums like Gearslutz, 3daudioinc etc. have been very well-received by the professional audio community, and have made him a highly sought after consultant for optimal selection of studio equipment.

Whether you want to purchase a single piece of equipment, fully upgrade your studio, or you simply need advice for a complex new studio setup, Ivo and our other recording engineers are happy to help. And, we will deliver your gear promptly.

During the years, VELVET
 SOUND provided a service to many studios all around Europe: Galaxy Studios BelgiumSaafran Studio Portugal, Land's End Mastering France, Studio Orange Italy, Magic Mastering France, Sound Education Holland, Angstrom Mastering Belgium, Red Room Studio Norway, RSI Radiotelevisione Switzerland, Fieldgate Studio UK, Camelot Studios Sweden, Janacek Academy of Music CZ, GKG Mastering Germany, Audioroom Sweden, Tecnido de Sonido Spain, Philosophersbarn Mastering UK, Oulun Seudun Finland, Soundism Sweden, AVRM Mastering France,  Creative Mastering Italy, Mescenes Production France, Streaky Mastering UK, Sequenza Studio Paris, Promoton Switzerland, Alfa Music Italy and many others. We also regularly cooperate within a large network of our dealers and resellers.

Contact us the next time you’re in the market for studio equipment and enjoy some of the friendliest service in all of Europe!










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