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Sonodyne Monitors

Sonodyne monitors represent oustanding quality for very favourable price - with over 40 years of manufacturing tradition. The level of details, precise depth and imaging, natural unhyped sound and perfect translation to common sound systems makes them ideal monitors for all kinds of studio production - recording, mixing, mastering and post-production. 

The new Sonodyne SRP (Sonodyne Reference Professional) range of monitors have been developed over the last few years and take all that was good from the acclaimed SM series. This includes the superb class AB amplifiers for which Sonodyne achieved much recognition, but now with DSP handling the internal signal processing. 
This development brings many advantages to the speaker, including improved and controlled decay times on different frequencies, flat response on and off axis and control over directivity. The built in DSP will also allow future third party and automatic calibration. 
The addition of DSP to the Sonodyne SRP range also gives great control over the manufacturing process, assuring that each speaker leaves the factory finished to the highest quality.

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