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Golden Age Project

Golden Age Project started as a complementing activity to Golden Age Music's business of selling high end audio gear. Bo Medin founded Golden Age Music in 1982 and have had a strong interest in music and electronics since the age of ten. 

Having spent so much time through the years in designing audio electronics and loudspeakers, it was natural for Mr. Medin to fulfil a dream he had for a good number of years: to be able to offer the musical sound quality of vintage style recording equipment to users who can´t afford the high end units. The success of the PRE-73 was the first step in fulfilling this dream and I feel truly happy that so many users all over the world has found it to be a valuable tool for recording their music. Mrs Medin is doing the best to expand the Golden Age Project range and invite you to discover affordable high-end mics and outboard products.

Over the past couple of years we have been spreading the gospel about Golden Age project audio gear and many of you will know that they make some great sounding, value for money gear. Aimed primarily at the project studio, the GA mics and outboard gear have now found their way into some of the biggest studios in the UK and Europe and GA's development team shows no sign of resting with the launch of their COMP-54 compressor and some exciting new units in production!

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