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The Danish company TUBE-TECH represents the ultimate achievement in studio equipment design, sound production and musical sound shaping. The legendary Tube-Tech  "Blue Gear" has kept the leading position for many years, regardless of changes in recording techniques, trends, and competition from many other brands. 

The main philosophy behind Tube-Tech products:

- Ultimate vacuum tube processors for recording studios
- Pure tube based audio path and simple, no nonsense circuit design
- Only the highest quality components are used
- Not complicated to use and never sounds bad.
- Always easy to hear the action, solo and in your mix.  
- TUBE-TECH clearly improves sound quality of your source material

If you look for ultimate, creative and magically sounding tools for your studio and music production, Tube-Tech units will not only help you to achieve your goals and ideas, but will also lift your final results towards the top world sound standards.

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