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If we look for a Rolls-Royce equivalent in the world of professional valve studio technique, then surely one of the top candidates would be Thermionic Culture: a company that is connected with Rolls-Royce also by the land of origin - the old good England.

The creator of most of the designs is a legenday personality of the British studio scene - Vic Keary. His basic philosophy is simple: the era of the great sound was ended at the moment when the valve circuits started to be replaced by transistors. Therefore all his units are designed as "100% valve design, free from solid state additives" and his suggestion for reaching a realy great sound is simple too: "Get Cultured" 

Thermionic Culture Ltd. was formed in 1998 to manufacture, promote and sell Recording Engineer Vic Keary’s all valve studio equipment designs. Since that time, a great number of top studios over the world has been equipped with some of Thermionic Culture famed units, that become very popular and respected by the sound professionals.
The company's  principal aim is to prove that THERMIONIC VALVES (vacuum tubes to U.S. readers) are far superior for audio applications to solid state alternatives.They have less inherent distortion than transistors, etc., and very low noise, so sound very natural in well‐designed circuits, especially with excellent audio transformers (Sowter!), as needed.
When valves distort of course the sound is legendary and mostly quite attractive and musical (like The Culture Vulture), but one of the basic "Thermionic Culture" approach is also to promote their “clean” qualities as well. Some of the circuits have unbalanced “single ended” outputs which give a very “open” sound.
All of Thermionic Culture equipment is Made in England to the highest standards, much of it hand point‐to‐point wired in the traditional way.

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