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 Quested monitors belong to the finest and most perfect monitors available today - a modern classic. After trying them in detail in our studios, we were extremely impressed by their great, natural, full and highly detailed sound, without any disturbing or hyped artifacts as can be often heard with many contemporary monitors. We found our own overall impression perfectly reflected in Sound od Sound review:

"Quested’s monitors are typically voiced in what many would call the ‘British sound’ — the top end is not over-hyped, harsh or brittle at all, yet is still very detailed, clear and airy. In a straight A/B comparison with some other popular monitors, this spectral balance may be perceived initially as having less clarity or transparency. However, in practice, everything is still there but you don’t get fatigued during long mixing sessions — which is a good thing, in my book. With simply recorded acoustic instruments, the openness of the top end and the transient detail is definitely clear and present and conveys all the required information. The mid-range is very neutral and transparent too, showing excellent resolution on spoken-word recordings, while the bass end is very powerful and very clean, with low levels of harmonic distortion at sensible listening volumes."

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