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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur

Tegeler Audio Manufaktor produces high-end recording studio equipment. Tegeler Audio Manufaktur is first and foremost developer Michael Krusch. Even in his youth, he would develop and construct synthesiser modules to expand the capabilities of his (now vastly outdated) home computer and analogue drum machine. After several years of working as a sound technician, he once again caught the “electronics bug” and set about recreating classics hardware. But imitation wasn’t enough for him. It was expanded and redeveloped, always accompanied by extensive listening tests in his own recording studio.
"I have always been fascinated by the task of creating a perfect sound from the raw signal output received from the microphone. This sound recreates the feeling that was really felt when recording; transferring the unpolished sound of the microphone back to reality, and into the listener’s heart. Other people might want to create the most neutral-sounding equipment possible, preferably concealing the noise of flowing electrons. Or maybe they want to build equipment to offer the greatest possible control. But I would never be able to produce such a device in good conscience. No, not something that would alter the sound in a way that does not improve or enhance it, or not change it at all..."

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