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This variation of the R44C incorporates the cost effective exterior components of the R44CE with the addition of the X-Motor for an additional 6dB of output. It is visually distinguished from the R44CE by a red logo badge on the transformer case.

The AEA R44C is an exact replica of the vintage RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, considered the most musical sounding microphone ever built. Many of the 20th century’s most iconic recordings were recorded by the R44.
- Unparalleled warmth and legendary character
- Full and rich tonality with generous low end and proximity effect
- Faithful reproduction of the RCA R44BX. Ribbon material meets or exceeds original RCA spec.
Whether it was the smooth brass section of the soundtrack of a classic Hollywood film, the velvety lushness of a jazz vocal or the larger-than-life drum sound of a classic rock recording, chances are an RCA 44-series ribbon microphone was used in the studio when the sound was created.
In use for more than 80 years in recording and broadcast studios throughout the world, the RCA 44 ribbon design is as rich in history as it is in sound and character. This instantly recognizable sound produces thunderous lows due to the strong proximity effect, full and rich midrange and a unique top end taking the edge off of harsh instruments.

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