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675 EUR

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817 EUR



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The AEA TRP500 is a low-noise, ultra-high gain 500-series mic preamp based on AEA’s highly regarded TRP mic preamp.
The AEA TRP500 uses an ultra-high gain DC-coupled JFET circuit that delivers up to 85dB of quiet gain, enough to power the most hungry ribbon microphone. It also includes a gentle 115HZ/230Hz high-pass filter to counteract the proximity effect.
The JFET circuit has two impedances, one at 100,000 Ohms for bringing the best out of passive ribbons and dynamic microphones bringing higher sensitivity, bandwidth, transient response and clarity. This mode excels on any passive ribbon microphones as well as tube condenser microphones. The other mode, activated with the phantom power, delivers 11,900 Ohms for active ribbon or condenser microphones. 
The AEA TRP500 is handcrafted in Pasadena, US using locally sourced parts and assembled by AEA’s small crew of highly-skilled technicians.

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